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  • AUTO-GLASS Automatic Glass Cleaner Liquid 5L - CleanLab
    Low-foaming, Eco-friendly formula, for use in automatic dishwashing and sterilising environments. Superior streak-free drying properties. Formulated for use in soft and hard water areas. Prevents the build-up of hard water scale on the interior of dishwashers

    Directions: Use as normal in automated dishwashing machines.

    Low Foaming
    Low Cost & Great Value
    Breaks Down Grease and Oils
    Ideal for Glassware, Suitable for all Crockery
    Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly CODE: FS13-5
    SIZE: 5L
    NZ$ 19.20 5L
    NZ$ 22.08 incl GST
  • DRAIN UNBLOK Caustic Drain Unblocker 5L - CleanLab
    High strength, industrial drain cleaner, which causes a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with organic materials like dirt, food, hair, and grease freeing blockages in drains and traps.

    Directions: Ready to use. Read MSDS before use and wear correct safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection Pour into the drain. Leave two hours then flush.

    Easy to Use
    Caustic Based
    Industrial Strength
    Clears Blocked Drains
    Exceptional Performance CODE: FS20-5
    SIZE: 5L
    NZ$ 32.00 5L
    NZ$ 36.80 incl GST
  • GLASZ-HD Premium Window & Glass Cleaner 5L - CleanLab
    Heavy-Duty, premium quality, window, and glass cleaner. Contains superior grime cleaning agents to remove buildup, leaving glass sparkling clean, crystal clear and streak-free

    Directions: Use undiluted. Spray directly on windows and immediately wipe off with a clean cloth. Contains Ammonia

    Heavy Duty
    Premium Quality
    Streak-Free, Crystal Clear Finish
    Made with plant-based surfactants
    Removes Grime and Pollutant Build up
    CODE: SC04-5
    SIZE: 5L
    NZ$ 31.00 5L
    NZ$ 35.65 incl GST
  • ODOUR-F SDO Odour Neutraliser Food Grade Fragnance Free. Ready To Use 5L - CleanLab
    Food safe odour neutraliser and air sanitiser. The highly effective stabilised chlorine dioxide formula oxidises odour molecules and kills odour producing bacteria. MPI approved. No fragrance can be used around food. Use in food premises, washrooms etc.

    Directions: Ready to use. Spray into the affected area and allow to settle.

    Food Safe
    Highly Effective
    Odour Neutralising
    Made with Plant-Based Extracts and Surfactants CODE: FS18-5
    SIZE: 5L
    NZ$ 40.00 5L
    NZ$ 46.00 incl GST
  • DESOLVA - eco glue and gum remover 5L - CleanLab
    Eco glue and gum remover. Industrial strength grease and grime remover. Great for removing gum, glue and other sticky residues. Plant-based surfactant, cleaner, degreaser and grime remover. Similar to 'Dissolve it'.

    Plant Based
    Highly Effective
    Industrial Grease and Gum Remover
    Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
    NZ$ 50.00 5L
    NZ$ 57.50 incl GST
  • FRESH AIR - odour neutraliser & sanitiser fresh air fragrance 5L - CleanLab
    Sanitising odour neutraliser and air freshener. An effective plant derived air freshener that reacts with and destroys the odour at its source. Low fragrance and environmentally friendly.

    Ideal for the elimination of smoke, animal, food and urine smells while leaving a pleasant aroma.

    Fresh Apple fragrance, environmentally friendly - pet and child safe.

    Fresh Air Fragrance
    Odour Neutralising
    Highly Effective
    Made with Plant-based Extracts

    Spray into/on the affected area and allow the mist to settle.

    Ready to Use: for intensive deodorising/fragrancing.

    Dilute 1:2 for general odour control
    NZ$ 41.58 5L
    NZ$ 18.58 5L
    NZ$ 21.37 incl GST
  • MOLDEX - internal mould kill 5L - CleanLab
    Effective acetic acid interior mould killer with and plant surfactants. Using balanced osmotic pressure, MOLDEX gets absorbed into the cellular structure, killing the entire mould organism so it will not revive. For use on all floors, ceilings and walls including bathrooms, toilets and showers. Ready to use, just spray on and leave. Directions: Ready to use formula. Spray onto mould affected surface. Leave for 10 - 30 minutes. Wipe off. Caution, Pungent Fragrance if using in enclosed spaces, wear a respirator. KEY POINTS: Ready to Use Really Effective 30 Minute Dwell Time Kills Mould, Moss and Lichen Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
    NZ$ 29.00 5L
    NZ$ 33.35 incl GST
  • MOULD GUARD - interior mould guard - CleanLab
    Long lasting interior mould protection. Spray on affected areas and leave to dry for 10 minutes. Wash, wipe or''rinse off. Will continue to protect against mould growth for up to 6 months, without normal washing up.

    Quick Acting
    Ready to Use
    ZOONO Based
    Long Lasting''
    Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
    NZ$ 184.30 5L
    NZ$ 211.95 incl GST

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