CleanLab Washrooms

  • ELEGANT AIR Odour Neutraliser & Sanitiser Elegant Fragrance 5L - CleanLab
    An effective odour eliminator and air freshener. Natural odour eliminator that reacts with and destroys the odour at a source. With an elegant fragrance that provides a premium feeling

    Directions: Ready to use. Simply spray into the affected area and allow the mist to settle.

    Highly Effective
    Elegant Fragrance
    Odour Neutralising
    Safe Plant-Based Product
    Made with Plant-Based Extracts and Surfactants CODE: HK06-5
    SIZE: 5L
    NZ$ 44.00 5L
    NZ$ 50.60 incl GST
  • BRITE - bathroom & washroom cleaner 5L - CleanLab
    Bathroom and washroom cleaner. Non-toxic, citric-acid based, high foaming cleaner. Designed for daily cleaning of washrooms and bathrooms, suitable for industrial and commercial purposes.

    Environmentally Safe
    Multi-Purpose Product
    Fresh Fragrance
    Commercial Strength
    NZ$ 30.80 5L
    NZ$ 35.42 incl GST
  • DESCALA - acidic mineral remover 5L - CleanLab
    An organic acid mineral descaler. Excellent for removing calcium, rust, limescale and discolouration. Ideal for all industrial uses on baths, tiles, stainless steel, sinks, concrete, fiberglass, etc.

    Descaling Agent
    High Strength
    Great for Calcium, Lime and Rust
    Ideal for Washrooms
    Heavy Duty
    NZ$ 52.00 5L
    NZ$ 59.80 incl GST
  • SHOWER-GRIME - shower & surface cleaner 5L - CleanLab
    A commercial strength, easy to use green cleaner. Designed for use on a regular basis on shower glass and surfaces. Leaves a clean, fresh fragrance.

    Commercial Grade
    Removes Calcification
    Removes Water Spots
    NZ$ 34.00 5L
    NZ$ 39.10 incl GST
  • TOILET CLEANER - toilet cleaner and sanitiser 5L - CleanLab
    Commercial strength, organic acid toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant. Designed for daily toilet and urinal maintenance with a clean, fresh fragrance.

    Commercial Strength
    Organic Acid Based Disinfectant
    Fresh Fragrance
    Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
    NZ$ 25.88 5L
    NZ$ 29.76 incl GST

Purchases can be made on-line using Visa or Mastercard through Payment Express (you do not need an account), or direct debit. If you are a business and would like to open an account please download an account application form and send back to us.  

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Freight is charged by weight, indicitive costs per carton are: Auckland $6.90, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $16.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


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