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Freight is charged by weight, minimum costs per carton are: Auckland $6.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $10.50, North Island $14.00, South Island $15.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.

Pacific Disposables range of disposable gloves
  • Nitrile Powder Free Gloves - Pacific Disposables
    Nitrile Gloves
    Our Blue Nitrile gloves are produced from synthetic rubber (Nitrile is short for acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber), which is generally resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, grease, fuel, many acids, and other solvents. These blue gloves are suitable for use in the medical examinations and procedures, laboratory practices and automotive industry. Additionally, nitrile gloves conform to hands as they are warmed by body heat. This attribute offers excellent dexterity, which is particularly important for medical professionals or persons working with small parts or tools.

    Carton 10 boxes of 100
    NZ$ 87.75 Carton 10x100
    NZ$ 100.91 incl GST
  • Latex Blue High Risk Gloves 300mm- Gorilla
    High Risk Latex Blue Gloves Powder Free with long 300mm cuff.

    Extra thick, super strength.

    Non- sterile for food use.

    Large or X-Large

    Carton 10 boxes of 50.
    NZ$ 148.50 Carton 10x50
    NZ$ 170.78 incl GST
  • Latex Powder Free Gloves - Pacific Disposables
    Pacific Disposable’s latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex. These gloves are suitable for medical and industrial use, and food handling practices, in addition to everyday use. Latex Gloves are best known for offering wearers the highest level of flexibility as well as dexterity. Because of this, they are often more comfortable for long term wear.


    Carton 10 boxes of 100
    NZ$ 87.75 Carton 10x100
    NZ$ 100.91 incl GST
  • Nitrile Black High Risk Gloves 300mm - Gorilla
    High Risk Nitrile Black Gloves with long 300mm cuff.

    Powder Free

    Latex Free

    Medium, Large & X-Large

    Carton 10 boxes of 100 gloves
    NZ$ 162.00 Carton 10x100
    NZ$ 186.30 incl GST

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