Hard Surface Cleaners

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Qualchem hard surface cleaners
  • Floor Cleaner Neutral - 5Litres - Instaclean
    Neutral daily maintenance cleaner with a fresh lemon scent. Very economical.
    NZFSA Approved C25.
    ECNZ Licence No: 3709051Commercial & Institutional Cleaners

    pH 7-8

    INSTACLEAN is a clear green neutral detergent. An
    ideal interim floor maintenance cleaner designed to
    provide maximum cleaning power for all types of soils
    without harming or dulling the floor finish.
    - Neutral pH and will not harm floor finishes.
    - Streak and film free.
    - Burnishes to original gloss.
    - Energetic cleaner with many other non-floor uses.
    - Biodegradable.
    - Works well in hard or soft, cold or hot water.
    - Requires no rinsing.
    - NZFSA Approved C 22.
    - Environmental Choice NZ licensed product.

    INSTACLEAN is mild and safe to use on INSTASHINE and INSTAGLOSS floor finishes.
    INSTACLEAN is the ideal interim cleaner providing maximum cleaning power.

    5Litres: $20.97
    20Litres: $76.91
    NZ$ 22.09 5Litres
    NZ$ 25.40 incl GST
  • Floor Cleaner/Buff - Instabuff
    Neutral cleaner/maintainer /spray buff for maintaining polished floors. Cleans, shines and disinfects. Guaranteed no build-up.
    NZFSA Approved C25. pH 7-8

    INSTABUFF is a red coloured liquid cleaner
    maintainer. A new concept in non build-up floorcare
    which cleans, disinfects and shines in one operation.

    - Ensures no build-up and no permanent inclusion of
    dirt into the floor finish.
    - Cleans and shines in one operation.
    - Contains a bactericide.
    - Shines to a slip-resistant deep gloss.
    - Can be applied either by a mop-buff or spray-buff
    - NZFSA Approved C 25
    INSTABUFF is mild and safe to use on Instashine floor coating.
    May be used in conjunction with polymer dressings on quarry tiles, slate etc. It
    can be applied by either a mop buff, spray buff operation or automatic scrubbing.
    NZ$ 23.45 5Litres
    NZ$ 26.97 incl GST
  • Floor Finish - Instashine
    Low maintenance hard wearing high shine floor polish suitable to be maintained with a low speed buffing machine.
    NZFSA Approved C25.

    INSTASHINE is a white liquid polymer floor dressing.
    - High durability and requires low maintenance.
    - Gives a superior ‘wet look’ gloss without
    - Responds well to low speed buffing or burnishing.
    - Scuff and black heel mark resistant.
    - NZFSA Approved C 25

    INSTASHINE is suitable for vinyl, plastic tiles and all sealed floors.
    NZ$ 72.34 5Litres
    NZ$ 83.19 incl GST
  • Orange Based Cleaner - 5Litres - QualChem
    Powerful All Purpose hard surface biodegradable cleaner containing d-limonene orange peel solvent. Orange Based Cleaner has been formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants for cleansing and degreasing floors, walls, concrete, toilets, hand basins and all washable surfaces.

    Environmentally friendly.

    NZFSA Approved C32.

    ECNZ Licence No: 3709051 Commercial & Institutional Cleaners

    Light cleaning/spray and wipe: 125ml or 0.5cup in 10L cold water 1:80

    Heavy Duty Cleaning of walls, sinks, tubs, vinyl, plastic etc: 500ml or 2cups in 10L cold water 1:20

    Sanitising: 500ml or 2cups in 10L cold water 1:20

    Heavy Duty degreasing: 1000ml or 4 cups in 10L cold water 1:10

    General Cleaning, wet mopping and steam cleaning: 250ml or 1cup in 10L water 1:40
    NZ$ 34.10 5Litres
    NZ$ 39.22 incl GST

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