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Freight is charged by weight, minimum costs per carton are: Auckland $5.00, Whangarei to Hamilton $9.50, North Island $13.00, South Island $14.00 + GST, Rural charges are extra.


Laundry detergents for use in cafes and restaurants.
Laundry Liquid - Wash-Tex
NZ$21.00 5Litres
NZ$24.15 incl GST
Concentrated liquid laundry detergent for use in domestic and commercial washing machines, containing surfactants, optical brighteners and anti-reposition agents for superior washing. 5Litres $21.00 20Litres $75.21...
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Laundry Powder - Insinc brand
NZ$35.50 5kg
NZ$40.83 incl GST
Gentle on the Environment Gentle on your Clothes Gentle on You Biodegradable Phosphate Free Ideal for removing built up grease and grime. DIRECTIONS Suitable for Automatic Top and Front Loading Machines. Use ½ cup per load. As stain remover mix ½ cup in a bucket of hot water. Soak clothing as required 5kg $35.50 20kg $125.00...
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Liquid Bleach - 5ltrs - Natural Choice
Liquid Bleach - 5ltrs - Natural Choice
NZ$10.40 5 Litres
NZ$11.96 incl GST
commercial strength sodium Hypochlorite solution formulated for the rapid bleaching of a wide range of materials. The product is also recommended for use in hospitals and other medical areas where an effective sterilising solution is required. Dilution Rates: Cutting boards = 125mls per sink of hot water Floors = 250mls per bucket of Hot water Toilets = 250mls undiluted Soak for whites, Cloths =125mls per bucket of COLD water General cleaning = 250mls per bucket of Hot water For use  On floors, benches, & cutting boards to sanitise and whiten.  On chefs clothing, towels, mops, & cloths to whiten.  In bathrooms and toilets to sanitise....
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