Interleaf Toilet Tissue
  • Interleave Toilet Tissue - White, 2 Ply, 250 Sheets - Matthews
    Interleave Toilet Tissue - White, 2 Ply, 250 Sheets (9000) 9000 Sheets/Box.

    Interleaf toilet tissue sheets are a premium portion controlled tissue, ideal for childcare, schools and aged care facilities. Interleave sheets offer softness that is gentle on skin and smooth to touch.

    FSC certified to ensure sustainable paper choices.

    Sheet size: 100mm x 200mm
    NZ$ 47.85 Carton 9000 sheets
    NZ$ 55.03 incl GST
  • Interleaved Toilet Tissue 2Ply - CPC NZ
    Interleaved Toilet Tissue 2Ply.

    Individual packs wrapped in plastic.

    36 packs / carton, 250 sheets / pack, 9000 sheets /carton
    195 x 100 mm
    2 Ply
    NZ$ 49.88 Carton of 36 packs
    NZ$ 57.36 incl GST
  • Interleaf Toilet Tissue
    Hygiene Direct Toilet Tissue 2ply.

    Rauangiangi Wharepaku Rautanga rau2 wāhi250 x pākete 36

    This is a great toilet tissue for those who have less space in their cubical or challenges with gripping standard toilet tissue

    36 perfect little bundles of 250 sheets per box

    Awesomely soft and strong 2ply toilet tissue

    SHEET SIZE: 2ply, L20cm x W10cm
    NZ$ 61.73 9000 sheets
    NZ$ 70.99 incl GST
  • Interleaf Toilet Tissue 2ply - Coastal brand
    Coastal Interleaf Tissue Paper. 2ply.

    Individual packs are wrapped in paper, not plastic.

    Carton 9000 sheets (36 packs of 250sheets)
    NZ$ 64.58 Carton 9000sheets
    NZ$ 74.27 incl GST
  • Interleaf Tissue 2ply - Pure Eco
    Interleaf Tissue paper - for use as toilet paper or as facial tissues. 2ply. Enviro tissue, 100% recycled paper.

    Packs individually wrapped in plastic (suitable for soft plastic recycling).

    Sheet size 195mm x 100mm

    Carton 36x240sheets (8640 sheets)
    NZ$ 75.78 Carton 8640 sheets
    NZ$ 87.15 incl GST
  • Interleaf Toilet Tissue 2ply - Livi Essentials
    Soft and gentle this interleaf tissue paper is a high end quality paper.

    Ideal for child care centres as a replacement for tissues.

    Carton holds 45 packs of 200 sheets. 2ply. Total 9000 sheets

    Livi code 1006
    NZ$ 59.71 Carton 9000 sheets
    NZ$ 68.67 incl GST
  • Interleaf Tissue Paper - Earthcare
    Earthcare interleaf tissue paper is soft and white. 2ply. Made from 100% recycled paper.

    The paper itself is recycled at our Queensland recycling plant, and the resulting paper is converted to toilet tissue, facial tissues, kitchen towels and table napkins in Auckland.

    Earthcare is made only from post-consumer waste paper. No plantation forest pulp is used to make Earthcare.

    In the process, the paper is de-inked using only natural, water based de-inking processes. No chlorine is used, meaning once any impurities have been removed the water can be re-used.

    Recycled paper begins life as pulp, much like regular paper. It is then pressed, dried and rolled until it becomes a very large roll of paper, after which it is cut and converted into smaller rolls from which the various Earthcare products can be made.

    Carton holds 9000sh (36 packs of 250sheets).

    NZ$ 51.17 Carton 9000sh
    NZ$ 58.85 incl GST
    Obsolete Item - Please contact us for alternatives

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