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  • 72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag Carton 500
    72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag (600 x 1200)x 33 micron

    Carton 500
    NZ$ 99.40 Carton 500
    NZ$ 114.31 incl GST
  • 72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag Pack 50
    72L Clear LD Plastic Rubbish Bag (600 x 1200)x 33 micron

    Pack 50
    NZ$ 10.65 Pack 50
    NZ$ 12.25 incl GST
  • Cup Carry Tray 2 cups - Ecoware
    2 Cup Carrier Tray.

    Pack 100
    NZ$ 21.60 Pack 100
    NZ$ 24.84 incl GST
  • Dinner Serviettes White 3ply - pack 50 - Style
    Style Hygiene Dinner Serviettes. Premium. 3ply. White. Rose design embossed.
    NZ$ 5.03 Pack
    NZ$ 5.78 incl GST
  • Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Gel 5Litres - Jasol

    This hand sanitiser is a fragrance free alcohol based gel. It has a fast drying formulation and added moisturisers to protect your skin keeping it soft and germ free. No rinsing is required, it contains 70% food grade ethyl alcohol.

    MPI Dairy & non-Dairy Approved

    NZ$ 67.50 5Litres
    NZ$ 77.63 incl GST
    Obsolete Item - Please contact us for alternatives
  • Warewashing Detergent 5L - Jasol - EC
    Automatic Feed Warewashing Detergent.
    - Biodegradable - Suited to Hard and Soft Water
    - Low Foam - No Spots, Film or Residue
    - Free Rinsing - Concentrated

    Jasol’s Environmental Choice EC13 is an environmentally responsible and superior strength
    automatic dishwashing machine liquid. With its low foaming, rinse free formula EC13 cuts
    through the toughest of soils in all water conditions, leaving your crockery and cutlery sparking clean. EC13 is made from renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients, is readily biodegradable and is an environmentally responsible choice for your cleaning needs.
    NZ$ 27.50 5 Litres
    NZ$ 31.63 incl GST
  • Nylon Gloves Non-Linting
    - Seamless Liner from 100% nylon.
    - 15 gauge for fine feel. - 100% non-linting stretch fabric.
    - Ambidextrous and reversible.

    Sizes: Large only
    NZ$ 1.86 Pair
    NZ$ 1.80 Pair
    NZ$ 2.07 incl GST
  • Squeegee + extension pole - MR Clean
    Workplus Commercial Grade Squeegee Extension Pole. 2.44m

    •Locks for sturdy extension.
    •Rigid aluminium channnel holds rubber in place with additional clip release feature for ease of replacement.

    Also includes 1 x Squeegee 355mm
    •Professional grade rubber blades for durability
    •Rigid aluminium channnel holds rubber in place with additional clip release feature for ease of replacement
    NZ$ 39.00 1xpole+1xsqueegee
    NZ$ 44.85 incl GST
  • Serene Liquid Soap 5L x 2 + free Dispenser
    SERENE 5L is viscous pink pearlised lathering hand soap with a lasting fragrance.

    pH balanced and therefore has milder effects on the skin than most toilet soaps.
    Contains mild skin cleansers with non-irritant coconut derived skin conditioners and moisturisers.
    Does not block pumps and nozzles of soap dispensers.
    Has a pleasant perfume, suited for both men and women.
    NZFSA Approved C52

    2 X 5Litre bottles of Serene soap + free dispenser (1Litre capacity).
    NZ$ 58.04 2 x soap + dispenser
    NZ$ 66.75 incl GST
  • Bin Liner 36L Compostable Brown 20mu - Matthews
    FP Compostable Bin Liner 36L - Brown, 580mm x 700mm x 20mu
    1000 bags per box

    Annually renewable resource

    Compostable bin liners are made from organic plant materials. They break down swiftly in a home or commercial compost environment in about the same time as a dry leaf. They offer the most practical and environmentally-friendly
    solution. Making bags from corn instead of petroleum by-products is a major advance in environmental technology. Corn is an annually renewable resource, which unlike trees, is grown and harvested in a single season.
    NZ$ 280.00 1000 bags
    NZ$ 322.00 incl GST
  • Clam Tray Small Sugarcane PlixEco
    Small Clam Tray made from Sugarcane.

    Sustainable and Microwavable.

    Size: 120x120x68mm

    1 x pack of 125 trays

    NZ$ 25.00 Pack 125
    NZ$ 28.75 incl GST
  • Grab-A-Rag Microfibre Cloths Pink - Filta
    Made from soft, non-abrasive microfibre and featuring an edgeless design, the Grab-A-Rag Cleaning rags are multipurpose rags that are ideal for grab and go cleaning at home, the office, car or garage.

    Grab.A.Rag rags conveniently trap dirt, grime and other particles, and cleans without leaving traces of lint residue, streaks or scratches.

    The rags measure 300x300mm each and come in a handy box of 50 green cloths.

    Perfect for quick and easy clean ups. Grab-A-Rag Microfibre Cleaning Rags for grab and go cleaning Soft, non-abrasive microfibre cloths with edgeless technology. Grab.A.Rag rags trap dirt, grime and other particles without leaving traces of lint residue, streaks or scratched paint.

    Grab.A.rag are conveniently machine washablable, making it reusable and cost-effective cleaning tool.

    Sold in a box of 50 pink rags measuring 300x300mm each.

    Box holds 50 Pink Cloths
    NZ$ 34.29 Box of 50
    NZ$ 39.43 incl GST

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