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One of the aspects of eco-friendly products is the environment in which they are produced. We feel that the whole picture is important which is why we endeavour to supply products from companies that care.

Green Earth Solutions - cleaning products
Hygiene Direct
Pacer - Cleaning Products

Uni-Pak - Food packaging

Premier Hygiene

Premier Hygiene has a proud history of supplying quality products to the New Zealand market. This tradition has continued and has grown to what they offer today – New Zealand’s best value hygiene products.

They focus on products that are Eco Friendly with their range of PureEco Paper Products - toilet paper, paper towels and tissues made from 100% recycled paper. PureEco products have Environmental Choice New Zealand certification. Premier Hygiene has been certified carbon neutral.

Hygiene Direct

You will love the softness, strength, environmental manufacturing standards and innovative products that Hygiene Direct bring to the market. Their toilet tissue and hand towels are manufactured by one of several plants that Italian tissue company, I.C.A. Srl, operate from around the world. All Kiwi Tissues’ source suppliers manufacture to international environmental  certification standards to ensure responsible stewardship of the world resources. All dispensing equipment is designed and manufactured by Italian company Marplast Srl to the European 100% Guarantee standard to ensure quality, style, functionality and durability.

Concentrating on innovation to bring you the most cost effective products like the true portion controlled centrepull toilet tissue system that saves you money and significantly reduces waste to landfill has seen Kiwi Tissue develop into a market leader.

Green Earth Solutions

Greenearth Solutions is an Auckland based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals and have been for over 10 years. They have significant experience in the formulation and mixing of cleaning solutions for industries requiring a high standard of cleaning performance.

Greenearth detergents were developed because they felt that there was a need for eco-friendly cleaning products specifically for the commercial cleaner. That is the products had to be made from green, natural and renewable resources but also and just as importantly they had to perform just as well as the petroleum based cleaning products currently being used today.

Greenearth Solutions like to think of Greenearth as their contribution to a not only green, cleaner environment but also to a major reduction of pollutants entering our waterways via the sink and drain. They find great satisfaction in being part of a successful company and an even greater satisfaction when that company plays its part in helping build a better future for the environment.

GreenEarth Solutions range of natural and eco-friendly cleaning detergents are manufactured from natural and renewable raw materials. Because these eco-friendly products are made from plants and minerals they leave no harsh chemicals fumes or residue and because they are 100% natural, they are better for the environment as well.


Pacer is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of it's activities on the environment. The keys points to their strategy in achieving the are:

Purpose built premises utilising energy efficient technology and rain water collection.

Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst their customers suppliers.

To develop and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of their products. They are constantly evaluating and looking at substituting to a more environmentally friendly composition of raw materials for their products.

To meet and exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to their industry.


Uni-Pak as a “company” has gained Carbon Neutral status, we manage our CO2 outputs the best we can and offset our CO2 outputs by investing in sustainable ventures via the Carbon Neutral programme.








Suppliers of quality cleaning and hygiene products to Insinc Products. ABC Tissue, Gracefield Paper, Grean Earth Cleaners, Natural Choice, Caskade, Ardrich.